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Your OC!
I'll draw your OC, it'll be a colord 8.5 x 11 inches picture.
I'll draw 1 OC with background or 2 OCs without.
It will take me to two weeks until I finish your picture :)


TheChaosReturns has started a donation pool!
0 / 800
I will draw you every Manga you want! :D

Sketch: 10

Full drawing: 40

whole manga comic: 60 per chapter

You can note me if you want something :)

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Gentle smile by TheChaosReturns
Gentle smile
I just happened to have some free time to draw again^^'
Well, to be honest, I didn't want to learn anymore and had to do something creative. I have my final exams coming up and kinda no free time at all anymore so I wanted to draw a bit in my free hour yesterday :)
I hope you like it :)
Mid Lane Plate by TheChaosReturns
Mid Lane Plate
I made my boyfriend this for his birthday :)
Those are his favorite mid lane champions from league of legends (for those who don't recognized them: those are Karthus, Lux and Katarina ;) )
This was my first time burning a picture on a wooden plate, I hope it turned out well :)
I did 3 more (bot lane plate is already done, support plate is kinda nearly finished and jungle plate is not quite that far... ^^')
I hope you like it and that you're interested in the other plates ;) (loading them up in near future... I hope so...)
Merry X-mas! by TheChaosReturns
Merry X-mas!
Well, I know it's kinda early for that but... I was drawing this pic because of a competition that's on my facebook artist page :)
I hope you like it :3
And from now on I hope to get more time to draw again ^^'
Claire Laurent by TheChaosReturns
Claire Laurent
She's an OC of me and she's Takumi Asako's girlfriend :)
I think their story will take place in germany (I'm from there so it's easier for me^^) :)
And the longer I look at her picture the more I want to have that hairstyle again, too ^^'
Orange Head Guy by TheChaosReturns
Orange Head Guy
Well, I think he is quite good^^
Also I'm thinking about using him in an original story I want to write. Also I'm thinking about if this story should take place in Japan or America or Germany... but I'm not sure ^^'
He has a name now: Takumi Asako! :)
I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't be an artist because it won't take me where I want to get. I'm just not good enough to do so. What I mean: There are artists who do nothing but draw the whole day, who have talent. I am not a talented artist, I learned to draw. I can draw like I do because of hard work and drawing for so many years even though I'm not satisfied with my art pieces I load them up in the internet to get feedback. Bad thing is that I don't get the feedback I search for. I don't want to say that I hate to read that some people like my art. I love to read that my art is good or beautiful or something but I also want to read what I do wrong. At the same time I'm scared of hearing what I do wrong...
Plus nobody wants me to draw so I could earn a bit money or something with that. I'm not greedy and I'm not drawing to earn money but the thing is... It's discouraging that nobody would pay for my pieces. I don't trust that much in myself and I'm not satisfied with my art so I can understand why nobody wants to pay for my art.
I thought about this for quite a time and realized that I'm way better at writing stories and so on, way better than I'm at drawing. More people read my stuff then look at my art. That made me think about all these things and I came to a conclusion.
I'm going to focus more on my writing skills again. The last days and weeks I don't have the feeling to draw, I can't get anything on my paper and can't do anything about that. But with my fan fictions I write I can reach out to so many people for some time. More and more people read my stories and seem to like them.
I'm not quitting to draw but I will draw even less than I do now, I think. But I hope you'll still be there when I do upload an art piece.


TheChaosReturns's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Well I'm not a special person but there are a few things that I am kind of good at :)
Like drawing Manga or Portraits, I'm writing my own books and stories, I love to play video games, I play music with the drums, piano, guitar and singing... I think that's all :)
And there's nothing more to tell about me :)

If you would like to watch me draw you can take a look at my youtube account:…

And you can find me on Facebook :)

And since yesterday you can also find me on tumblr^^:

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